Police in Ireland has arrested a converted Muslim man in Dublin on suspicions that he has threatened to kill Barack Obama when the U.S. presidents visits the Republic later this month.

Khalid Kelly, 44, who reportedly sympathizes with al-Qaeda, is being detained at Dublin's Store Street Garda [police] station under the Offenses Against the State Act.

Under Irish law, Kelly may be held for up to three days for interrogation without charge.

The Irish Independent newspaper reported that the suspect was born Terry Kelly and is a Dublin native. He converted to Islam while serving a prison sentence in Saudi Arabia for selling alcohol in the Kingdom. He subsequently journeyed to Pakistan, where he allegedly received training from Islamic militants.

Returning to the British Isles, he reportedly hooked up with Islamic radicals in England, including members of the outlawed al Muhajiroun. Kelly also has defended the 9-11 attacks in New York and the 7-7 attacks in London, ion television and in print

The arrest by the special branch of the Irish police was prompted by comments made by Kelly in a newspaper article last week in which she said that al-Qaeda had selected Ireland as an ideal place to launch an attack on Obama. He also claimed that al-Qaeda has offered a bounty of up to 1-million euros for anyone who killed Obama.

Obama is scheduled to visit Ireland during a five-day trip through Europe from May 23 to May 28.