The Islamic State group released a new video Saturday, which purports to show captured Kurdish Peshmerga fighters being paraded in cages through the streets of the Iraqi city of Kirkuk.

The video shows at least 21 men in orange jumpsuits being paraded through the streets of the city in cages mounted in the back of pickup trucks. A man carrying a microphone emblazoned with the ISIS logo interviews the captives, who say they are Peshmerga soldiers, many of them from Kirkuk.

Some captives, clearly under duress, call on their comrades to give up their fight against ISIS, CNN reported.

The video, the Kurdish title of which translates as “Healing the Chest of Those Who Believe”, is accompanied by Arabic subtitles, and also runs captions giving details about each hostage. The fate of the captives remains unclear, but they are seen alive at the end of the film.

ISIS fighters spoke to the camera in Kurdish, reiterating "our war is not with the Kurdish Muslim people but with the infidels and their treacherous agents," Al Jazeera reported.

Images showing ISIS parading captured Peshmerga fighters along crowded streets circulated earlier this month, so it is unclear where and when the new video was filmed, according to Mashable.

There has been no official verification of the video, but the SITE Intelligence Group tweeted that they believed it featured Peshmerga fighters and was filmed in Kirkuk.

Kurdish Peshmerga forces have been engaged in fierce fighting with ISIS militants in the region for the past several months.

ISIS recently released a video purporting to show the beheading of 21 Egyptian Christians.