A newly posted video underscores just how serious the Islamic State group is about upholding the rules for its members. Commanders for the Islamic State militant group, also known as ISIS, can be seen on the video disciplining a group of its fighters for allegedly violating the group’s regulations against smoking cigarettes.

ISIS claims that smoking is not representative of Islam, and any of its members caught breaking the rule must endure a series of punishments that are similar to the three strikes rule, according to RT. Any member of ISIS caught smoking cigarettes will be first punished by being lashed 40 times. Subsequent violations of that same rule can result in whipping, confinement, a fine and being placed in a punishment camp.

But the new video showed an ISIS commander improvising when it came to doling out punishment for a group of six ISIS fighters who were allegedly being disciplined for smoking. On the video, the authority figure, standing and holding what appears to be an automatic rifle, can be seen stomping on the head of a man sitting against a wall. The commander first uses one foot, then the other, to kick down on the head of the man, who is shown cowering beneath the blows.

Five other men are shown watching while sitting next to the man being stomped on. One of the other men is targeted next, getting smacked in the face by the same commander, who then goes down the line stomping the other men, hitting one with the rifle before lashing them all with a whip. Another man soon joins the commander and starts whipping the men, whose bound hands were trying desperately to shield their faces from the blows. It is unclear where the video was filmed.

The Islamic State group’s strict set of regulations against acts such as drinking alcohol and cursing has been well documented. After one ISIS official was found in January with a cigarette in his mouth, he was promptly beheaded, according to an International Business Times report. In another instance of harsh discipline, ISIS fighters chopped off the hands of women and whipped men for using cell phones.

The video can be seen below and contains disturbing imagery.