Israeli President Shimon Peres sent his annual greeting to Iran for the Persian New Year, saying that he hopes for peace and coexistence between the two countries.

Traditionally contentious, the relationship between Israel and Iran has been particularly strained in recent months due to fears over Iran's nuclear program. Israel and many western powers believe that Iran intends on building nuclear weapons, while Tehran insists that the program is only designed for peaceful purposes. Speculation has spiralled that Israel is planning to launch military strikes on Iran,

Dear Iranian citizens in all the places in which you may find yourselves, Happy New Year, Peres said in both Farsi and Hebrew over Israeli radio.

I wish the Iranian people a truly joyful festival not only in terms of the greetings that emanate from your mouths but also in terms of what is in your hearts. May you have a genuine rather than a feigned holiday and may you know the taste of freedom, the taste of respect and the taste of human dignity.

Peres address his message to the Iranian people, and not the government of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, saying that it's not too late to end corruption and hatred in Iran, according to the Jerusalem Post.

The Israeli president also added the Iran's leaders are bringing shame to the country's illustrious Persian heritage.

The holiday of Nowruz, or Persian New Year, will be celebrated by 300 million people across the world on Tuesday. Each year, Nowruz falls on the vernal equinox, the spring day on which night and day are both 12 hours long