The Israel Air Force killed two Palestine terrorists and injured 35 others in an air strike in southern Gaza strip Monday morning. 

The air strike was in retaliation to the firing of four rockets by the militants from Gaza to Be'er Sheva in southern Israel.

Two of the rockets from Gaza were intercepted and taken down by the Iron Dome system. One rocket had hit a school that was empty while the other rocket struck a chicken coop in Moshav Carmia and damaged several other buildings and vehicles, reported

The IAF strike killed 24-year-old Islamic Jihad leader Hamdan Abu-Mutlak and another terrorist, who was in the final stages of launching a missile to Israel from the Gaza strip. The IAF strikes also hit a weapon storage site and five rocket launching sites.

The IAF strike since Friday has killed as many as 20 Palestinians including civilians. Meanwhile, Islamic Jihad Groups and other militant organizations have fired more than hundred and fifty missiles towards Israel and the Israel's Iron Dome systems took 43 of them down.

The current situation is likely to continue for a couple of days more though both the sides don't expect any massive ground assault on either side.  But Israel has warned if the situation prolongs, it will not hesitate to take a strong action.

Israel is not keen to see an escalation, Israel is not keen to hurt innocents -Israel is absolutely opposed to this, said Interior Minister Eli Yishai, a member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's eight-member inner council.

For now, it (fighting) is on this kind of scale. But if it will prove protracted, then without a doubt there will be a powerful, painful blow will be so that this will not continue, he told Israel's Army Radio, according to a Reuters report.

The latest round of attacks has disrupted the normal life in southern Israel. Many schools remained closed Sunday and Monday.