There are two Steve Jobs movies scheduled to hit theaters in the next year – “jOBS,” starring Ashton Kutcher, and the untitled three-act film from Sony Pictures written by Aaron Sorkin – but Funny Or Die beat them to the punch Tuesday when it released its feature-length parody “iSteve.”

The film stars Justin Long as Steve Jobs – many might remember Long as “Mac” from Apple’s famous Mac vs. PC commercials – as well as "Lost" actor Jorge Garcia as the sheepish Steve Wozniak. "iSteve" is the longest video ever produced by Will Ferrell’s comedy site Funny Or Die, clocking in at about 77 minutes. Noting that the script was written in three days and the film was shot in five, the creators joked that "iSteve" might not be the best Steve Jobs movie ever released, but it would be the first.

In less than 24 hours online, the film had garnered more than 211,000 views (as of Wednesday, 2 p.m. EST). The views are well-deserved: The film balances subtle humor with the now-popular mythology of Steve Jobs, taking several liberties with the man’s genius and his history to create a very enjoyable parody that pays homage to the iconic Apple founder while also poking fun at him.

Unfortunately, Funny Or Die made "iSteve" so that it can't be embedded, but the entire film is available to watch on Funny Or Die’s website absolutely free and commercial-free. We highly recommend it.

Here's the trailer:

iSteve Exclusive Teaser Trailer from iSteve