IT employees stand a better chance of finding a job in India than in the U.S., according to quarterly reports.

IT companies in India had strongest quarterly growth last quarter, compared to previous dismal quarters, and expect to see it rising.

The largest IT services companies in India - , Wipro Ltd., Infosys Technologies Ltd., and Tata Consultancy Services - had around 359,000 employees last quarter, adding 16,700 employees from the previous quarter.

Meanwhile in the U.S., the IT work force, which peaked at just over 4 million in November 2008, has been on the decline due to the recession.

According to the TechServe Alliance, an industry group tracks U.S. labor IT-related occupational data month-to-month, only 11,000 jobs were added to the sector during the last quarter.

However, total IT workers in the U.S. were 3.81 million at the end of the quarter, considerably higher than in India.

Indian technology firms are heavily dependent on the U.S.' tech sector and therefore, see the pace of outsourcing growing as U.S. companies start building new IT projects.

Tom Lang, a TPI Inc. partner and managing director for CIO services for the Americas, said in a statement that the outsourcing market is just starting to get back to normal, and still has a way to go. Last year was a very dismal year, he added.