Pierce Brosnan fans in India were shaken and stirred after their beloved (former) James Bond appeared on front-page advertisements endorsing a “pan masala” brand. Pan masala — a preparation of betel leaf with areca nut and sometimes with tobacco — is chewed for its stimulant and psychoactive effects.

In the ad, Brosnan, with the James Bond persona, is seen holding a can of “pan masala” with the tagline “Class never goes out of style.” The advert also carries the actor’s signature.

In a television commercial released Thursday, the 63-year-old Irish actor is seen flirting with women, performing 007-ish stunts and fighting villains with the pan masala can.

The ad was produced by DDB Mudra to endorse the 50-year-old pan masala brand, Pan Bahar.

After the release of print and television ads, Brosnan fans went berserk on Twitter and joked that such ads were the actor’s idea of a “retirement plan.”