In an interview with E! News, Jamie Foxx opens up about Chris Brown as a father.  Foxx mentioned that he has known Chris Brown since he was just 15 years old and that he’s never been prouder of the R&B singer.

Jamie Foxx worked with Chris Brown for the single “You Changed Me” off Brown's soon-to-be-released album “Hollywood.”  According to E! News, Foxx admitted how pleased he was that Brown took responsibility and stepped up for his daughter, Royalty.

“I’ve known Chris since he was 15-years-old and he would come to my house and kick it and party with my sister who has Down's syndrome, and dance with her and people would ask me how I know Chris and I’ve known this kid since he was a pup,” shared Foxx.

“I just felt like, you know, in our business you could’ve thrown money at it. And to see him take that step and really take care of his daughter … that is not to be overly commended because it’s what he’s supposed to do, but you know how this business can be. I thought that, for him, to see his smile now is just different to me and I hope he doesn’t mind me saying that. It was great to see that.”

When the Oscar award-winning actor and singer appeared at the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” show last month to promote his new album and held a live performance of “You Changed Me” with Brown, he also had only kind words to say about his collaborator. 

Since the news of Brown being a father went public, the singer has been sharing pictures of his daughter showing just how smitten he is with his 10-month-old baby.  He even posted a heartfelt message via Instagram a week ago saying how he honestly never knew he could love someone as strongly as he does and that he’s going to give his daughter the world.  It’s only been four weeks since the 25-year-old rapper confirmed news of his fatherhood by sharing the first picture of his daughter, captioning it with “God has blessed me with my twin. #ROYALTY.”   TMZ  reported two months ago that the singer wants to have a meaningful relationship with his daughter and wants to be close to her everyday.

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