The hit comedy series “Jane the Virgin” is getting called out by a Miami publication. The show is supposedly set in Miami, but residents of the area point out the show has portrayed the city improperly.

Staff members of the Miami New Times are big fans of The CW show. However, they want to inform series showrunner Jennie Urman the hit show is completely off-base when it comes to making the Miami setting believable.

The publication’s staff members banded together to point out five glaring mistakes:

  1. Jane Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez) seems to be having a fairly easy time getting around the city using the bus. The staffers point out the friendly commuters and reliable bus service on the show is a far cry from the actual public transportation situation. The lack of traffic in the show’s version of the city is also a big issue. As an example of a particularly unbelievable incident, the article looked back at Jane’s labor which started out inside a Miami bus. The driver and the other commuters graciously agreed to transport her directly to the hospital where she would be giving birth.
  2. Jane refused to accept a car given to her by her father, Rogelio de la Vega (Jamie Camil). For all the reasons mentioned about the less-than ideal public transport situation in Miami, the New Times staff members are certain no one in  their right mind would refuse a perfectly good car in Miami.
  3. Jane’s romantic memories of “Calle Ocho” are completely different from what someone who had been to the real “Calle Ocho” would likely remember. Family-friendly and romantic are not words a resident of Miami would use to describe the street fair.
  4. The Marbella Hotel, owned by one of the main characters, Rafael Solano (Justin Baldoni), is so obviously not in Miami. The publication points out the thin California palm trees that are frequently seen in the background as well as the marina that could not be seen from any Miami South Beach hotel.
  5. The picturesque Florida Everglades seen in a sequence between Petra (Yael Grobglas) and her ex-lover/kidnapper Aaron, aka Roman Zazo, do not look a thing like the real Everglades. The actual Everglades are a lot more treacherous and there are several deadly animals like alligators, crocodiles and snakes.

Despite the glaring inconsistencies between the show and the actual Miami, the staffers at the Miami New Times still love the show. They have even extended an invitation for the show to shoot scenes in the actual location.

“Jane the Virgin” season 2 premieres Monday, Oct. 12 at 9 p.m. EDT on The CW.