Gina Rodriguez
Gina Rodriguez with her Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a TV Series, Musical or Comedy for her role in "Jane the Virgin." Her character will be getting married in Season 2. Reuters

The season finale of the CW hit comedy series “Jane The Virgin” has finally arrived. As promised, Jane gives birth to her baby in this episode. Also, Sin Rostro makes a surprise return after disappearing for the past few episodes. Despite the baby’s birth, it isn’t all rainbows and butterflies as problems pile up more quickly than the characters can cope.

Rogelio And Xiomara Go Wild In Las Vegas

With the impending birth of Jane’s baby, Xiomara is anxious about leaving for Las Vegas. Jane assures her she won’t be too far away and can easily return should anything happen. Rogelio has been looking forward to their performance in Las Vegas, so the two of them take off. Once there, they go through one last rehearsal before Xiomara finds out Jane has gone into labor. She books a flight back and tells Rogelio about her plan.

He gets upset she thinks he would not want to go back with her. Xiomara realizes her mistake and the two of them make up. Since the earliest flight is in the morning, they agree to have a few drinks with some of Rogelio’s fans. They end up getting extremely drunk but still manage to catch their flight.

Upon arriving at the hospital, they stand by Jane during delivery. Much to their surprise, however, they discover a DVD among their things. It turns out while they were wasted the night before, they ended up getting married in one of the Las Vegas chapels in a ceremony officiated by a Cher impersonator.

Michael And Rafael Face Off

Rafael is convinced he made a mistake when he broke up with Jane. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to take it all back since she’s clearly moved on. He’s trying to sort out his life and he can now see he doesn’t want to lose Jane or their baby.

Meanwhile, Jane and Michael have steadily gotten closer. She is trying to make nothing of it and insists they are just friends even though she knows it’s not true. She cancels dinner with him but he comes over and brings her food anyway. He encourages her to fight for her grad school application, and it’s just like old times.

While Michael is with Jane, she feels a contraction and goes into false labor. Michael takes her to the hospital, and Rafael meets them there. They find out it was a false alarm, but Michael and Rafael end up having a confrontation in the hospital.

Rafael is annoyed at Michael’s presence at the hospital but Michael maintains his position as Jane’s friend. He admits he still loves Jane, and the two of them get into a heated argument. Jane catches them fighting and gets upset. She walks away and goes home with her grandmother.

Rafael then decides to apologize and tells her he does love her and wants to be with her. He tries to take back what he said when he broke up with her. Unfortunately, she doesn’t take it too well. She’s angry because he broke her heart. She had to recover from it, and now he’s just changing his mind and messing her up again.

Michael also comes to apologize and he tells her he’s cool if she just wants to be friends. However, he also asks if he’s just imagining what’s happening between them. Jane says they have indeed been getting closer in the past few weeks but she makes the mistake of saying Michael is the safe choice, and he gets offended. He walks away angry Jane sees him as her back-up plan and just a safe and familiar place to go when she’s in need.

Jane gives birth

After the false labor, Jane resumes her daily activities. She goes to a meeting for her grad school application but starts to feel contractions again. On the bus home, her contractions start coming more consistently and closer together. Her companions on the bus agree it’s time to change course and take her straight to the emergency room.

Jane makes it to the hospital and calls Rafael and Alba to be by her side. Rogelio and Xiomara are flying back from Vegas with Michael ready to give them a police escort from the airport. Jane goes through a very long labor, which lasts overnight.

Xiomara and Rogelio make it in time to witness the birth. To everyone’s surprise, it’s a boy! Instead of naming him Nina, they end up calling the baby Mateo Gloriano Rogelio Solano Villanueva.

Petra Gets Played

While everything else is going on, Petra is still trying to get Rafael back. Rafael knows this and uses it against her. He’s trying to get back in full control of the Marbella, so he sets out on a plan to manipulate Petra into selling her shares to him.

Rafael starts to flirt with Petra and even asks her for a date. She gets flustered and is convinced her plan is working. Unfortunately for her before they could go on a date, Jane goes into labor, and Rafael cancels.

While he’s busy, the hospital calls and demands to speak to Rafael. Because she’s still calling herself Mrs. Solano, the hospital agrees to speak with Petra. She finds out the hospital was able to save a sample of Rafael’s sperm. This means he can still have more children if he wishes in the future. Petra tries to tell Rafael but she overhears him talking about how he’s manipulating her. She decides to go to the hospital instead and takes Rafael’s sample.

Sin Rostro Returns

Michael’s former partner Nadine returns and asks for a deal with the police. She wants them to go easy on her in exchange for some information on Sin Rostro. She approaches Michael and asks her to set up a deal. She says she knows where the plastic surgeon is hiding, the same one who changes criminals’ faces for Sin Rostro and maybe even did a surgery on Sin Rostro herself.

Michael checks out the info but finds the doctor is dead. With nothing left, he tells Nadine he can’t help her. She escapes before Michael could arrest her, but what she doesn’t know is Michael put a tracker on her so he can follow her movements.

Before anyone can find Sin Rostro, she finds them. As Jane happily enjoys her new baby, a nurse comes in to check on them. The nurse tells her she needs to take the baby for a routine hearing check. Jane is reluctant but knows she needs to abide by the hospital’s protocols. She hands the baby to the nurse who turns out to be a kidnapper. She sneaks out of the hospital and hands the baby to Sin Rostro who’s waiting in a car outside. She drives away with Mateo while Jane remains oblivious in her hospital bed.

The first season of “Jane The Virgin” ends with the arrival of Jane’s baby and his subsequent disappearance. Sin Rostro is back, but what does she want from Jane’s baby? How will Petra use Rafael’s sperm sample to get what she wants from him? The season finale presents more questions than answers, and everything will play out when the series returns for Season 2 this fall on the CW.

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