Season 2 of the hit comedy series “Jane The Virgin” is nearing the midway point, and Jane Gloriana Villanueva’s (Gina Rodriguez) lovelife is still in shambles. She has gone back and forth between choosing Michael Cordero (Brett Dier) and Rafael Solano (Justin Baldoni) in the first half of the season. The question still remains on which one, she will meet at the end of the aisle later in the season.

“Jane the Virgin” showrunner Jennie Urman revealed before the start of Season 2 that Jane will be getting married. She confirmed this as an absolute fact, but the identity of her groom has been a mystery. With nearly half the season over, Jane seems no closer to making a final decision.

In the early episodes, Jane concentrated on finding her footing as a new mother. This left her with little time or energy to think about romance. Later, she admitted that she is in love with both Michael and Rafael. This caused a heated competition between the two men, fuelled by their hatred for each other, and their disappointment from Jane’s statement.

Rafael surged ahead, when he managed to get a kiss in the heat of the moment, when Jane decided to go back to grad school. Learning about the kiss shared by Jane and Rafael really devastated Michael. However, Rafael was even more devastated to learn that the kiss did not lead to any progress in his relationship with Jane.

Episode 4 started with Rafael feeling hopeful about the kiss they shared, but tables immediately turned in the same episode. When Michael gets his own chance to share a smooch with Jane, She finally makes the decision to choose him.

Before Jane could openly declare her decision to choose Michael, things took a bad turn. Someone told his boss that he let his former partner escape, after learning that she worked for Sin Rostro. He suspected Rafael and the two of them got into a fight in front of baby Mateo. The baby got injured and Jane was forced to kick Michael out of her life.

In Episode 7, Rafael immediately swooped in and managed to get Jane to agree to go out on a date. He also proposed to buy a house, where they could potentially raise Mateo together. Just when Jane appeared to be giving in, she discovered something horrible.

It turned out that Rafael set Michael up. He paid someone off to tell the police about what Michael did with Nadine. He lost his job because of it, and Jane is livid. She couldn’t believe Rafael’s scheme to bring down Michael.

After choosing Michael and then Rafael, Jane is no longer inclined to be with either of them. The question still stands though. who will she marry at the end of the season? Rafael is trying to justify his actions by saying that he only did what he could to fight for their family. It remains to be seen if Jane could see his logic and forgive him.

Meanwhile, Michael is back in town, and it turns out that he was never fired after all. Now that Jane knows that Michael was right to suspect Rafael, could she forgive him? More importantly, does he still want to be with Jane?

Find out what happens in the rest of the season of “Jane The Virgin.” The series airs every Monday at 9:00 p.m. EST on The CW.