Jane The Virgin season 2
Gina Rodriguez stars as Jane Villanueva in the CW comedy "Jane the Virgin." The CW

This week’s episode of “Jane the Virgin” is exploding with revelations. Michael (Brett Dier) returns after six months on the road, and the truth behind his departure comes out. Meanwhile, Jane (Gina Rodriguez) learns something big about Rafael (Justin Baldoni), after they hire a babysitter.

Jane and Rafael can't find time to go on the date that they agreed upon in the previous episode. Rafael pushes Jane to agree to hire a part-time babysitter so that they can have a little time for themselves. Jane is still traumatized by Mateo’s kidnapping and refuses to leave him with a stranger.

Rafael proposes to buy a nanny cam and agrees to let Jane thoroughly screen a few candidates. Finally, they find Chepa, an experienced babysitter, who appears to meet all of Jane’s requirements. Chepa almost walks out after Jane hovers over her on the night of the date, but Rafael manages to convince both of them to go on an hour-long trial run.

Things go well and Jane is finally able to have a little time to relax. Rafael shows her a suburban house that he wants to buy, so that he can live closer to Jane, and provide a nice family home for Mateo. Jane goes home satisfied with the date and the babysitter. However, things quickly go downhill when she checks the nanny cam.

Jane sees Rafael having an argument with Eric (Jonathan Ohye), the guy who told the authorities about Michael’s decision to let his former partner, Nadine (Azie Tesfai) go. Michael discovered she was working with Sin Rostro, but let her run instead of arresting her.

Even though he didn’t go to the authorities himself, it appears that Rafael did squeal on Michael after all. The move cost Michael his job, and Nadine her life. Jane is completely livid and walks out on Rafael.

Speaking of Michael, he has been very busy during the time that he’s been away from Jane. It turns out that he was never fired from his job after all. His boss and new partner, Susanna Barnett, came up with a plan to embed him into the Sin Rostro network. They made a big deal out of publicly firing him for show, and had him contact Nadine for help.

With Nadine believing that he’s desperate after losing everything, she agrees to help him track down Sin Rostro. In the process, she ends up dead during a confrontation with drug traffickers in Mexico. Michael is devastated, but luckily, the operation leads them to some clues about the identity of Mutter, the notorious drug lord, who appears to have some kind of connection with Sin Rostro. They suspect that Luisa Alver's (Yara Martinez) mother, who reportedly committed suicide back in the 80’s, could possibly be Mutter. She had a closed-casket funeral and the police now think she may never have died.

While all this drama is going on, Jane is dealing with some grad school issues. She tries to get her idol, Dr. Bolton (Joyful Drake) as her new adviser. After working with her for a while, Jane realizes that her unforgiving professor, Mr. Chavez, is actually a lot more effective and clear in guiding her writing. She swallows her pride and comes crawling back to him, after being very critical about his teaching style in the past.

Still in grad school, Jane finally discovers her friend Wesley Masters’ (Brian Jordan Alvarez) hidden agenda. He befriended her only so that he can make her open up about the Solano family. Now that he has enough information, he publishes a major exposé. Jane is devastated, and Rafael is furious. He immediately launches his pack of lawyers to go after Wesley.

Elsewhere, Rogelio (Jaime Camil) is devastated to learn the his plans to film the telenovela “Hombres Locos” has run into some legal issues with the creators of the series “Mad Men.” His project gets shut down and he is left broke. He tries to take on odd roles, just to bring some money in, but he eventually finds the courage to just downsize his lifestyle and wait for a script that he truly likes.

Meanwhile, Xiomara’s (Andrea Navedo) career is going in the opposite direction. While Rogelio is in a slump, her songs are finally getting the attention they deserve. She lands a deal to sing the theme songs for two telenovelas. Unfortunately, one of them stars Esteban, Rogelio’s archrival. Rogelio almost messes things up for her, when he confronts Esteban. However, he manages to set things right by swallowing his pride and allowing himself to be humiliated by Esteban, so he would not pull the plug on Xiomara’s deal.

Lastly, Petra (Yael Grobglas) and Magda (Priscilla Barnes) finally manage to get rid of Ivan’s dead body. The thug had been sitting in an ice-filled bathtub in their room, but Magda finally devises a plan to throw him into the river.

Find out what happens next, when “Jane The Virgin” returns next week t 9:00 p.m. EST on The CW.