In “Jane the Virgin” Season 3, episode 3, newlyweds Jane Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez) and Michael Cordero (Brett Dier) finally had sex.

Since she waited several years to enjoy this moment, Jane’s expectations were pretty high. However, she didn’t have an orgasm like she expected. Showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman said that they wanted to be “realistic” in their presentation of a woman’s first time to have sex.

“The show tries to live in that space between fantasy and reality. So you wanted to see what Jane expected of it and then what really happens and then find her version of a happy ending within a more realistic context,” she told Vulture.

The show had a cheeky way of showing Jane and Michael’s sex scene. Instead of the actual lovemaking, the show featured cartoon versions of Jane and Michael riding a rocket ship.

“I wanted her to have a private moment,” Snyder said of their decision to depict the couple as cartoon characters. “I just know the characters so well and feel so close to them and think about them all the time. I didn't really want to watch them have sex for the first time. I wanted Jane to have that moment to be private and to exist in the intimacy of the viewer's mind and the space that we're not showing, you know?”

At the same time, Snyder said they have a lot of teenage fans who watch the show with their parents. Instead of featuring inappropriate content, Snyder said they decided to cater to a younger audience.

Earlier, Rodriguez said that having sex will have a huge impact on Jane’s psyche. “How is [losing her virginity] going to play into her life, her psychology, how she views herself and how she views her intimacy?” Rodriguez told Entertainment Weekly. “There’s an evolution.”

Since Jane’s no longer a virgin, Chapter 47 debunked a fan theory shared by Rolling Stone that said Jane will remain a virgin throughout the series.