Mad Men actress January Jones has given birth to a healthy baby boy, Xander Dane Jones. People magazine reports that the star gave birth on Tuesday, and that both mother and child are doing great.

She's really looking forward to the next chapter in her life as a single mom, a source told People, in what sounds like a pre-emptive strike against questions about the baby's father.

Jones has been mysteriously mum on her child's patertiny since announcing her pregnancy in February.

Her last public relationship was with Saturday Night Live and A Good Old Fashioned Orgy star Jason Sudekis. He, too, has avoided commenting on whether or not he is the father. Sudekis stuttered an awkward response when the Washington Post asked him about the pregnancy at a White House Correspondents' Dinner in May.

When asked for a comment, he said, I'd rather -- yes but no. When asked if he was surprised to learn the news of the pregnancy, he stammered No, I -, paused and continued, No, I didn't have anything [else to say].

Another rumored potential baby daddy is Jones' X Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn -- who is married to Claudia Schiffer. Vaughn's reps have vehemently denied the allegations.

The actor who plays Jones' son on Mad Men, made some comments this summer that made Jones sound a bit difficult:

Be careful around January, Jared Gilmore told TV Guide. She's not as approachable as the others.

But costar John Slattery came to her defense, claiming the actress is a sweetheart and it's her character, Betty Draper, who is intimidating.