Winter Storm Janus is turning out to have a major impact on the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. The snow totals broke records, schools and government offices were forced to close, roads became dangerous and thousands of flights were canceled.

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According to CNN, nearly 3,000 flights were canceled in the region. By late afternoon, nearly half of the flights scheduled to leave from LaGuardia, JFK, and Newark airports had been stopped, Time added. It's been a giant leap from Monday, when only 271 flights had been canceled. wrote that nearly 600 flights at Philadelphia airport were canceled on Tuesday. Airport spokeswoman Victoria Lupica told the news site that by 3:30 p.m., there were “very few” people in the terminals. "Crews are working tirelessly to keep all paved surfaces clear," Lupica said.

But it wasn’t just Northeast airports that were affected. As an example, the Mercury News wrote 50 flights out of and into San Francisco International Airport had to be halted because of the snow and ice in the eastern part of the U.S.

Janus has already dumped at least 6 inches in most parts of the Northeast, and the snow is still falling. Passengers were forced to change their plans as they coped with the inclement weather. Records were broken in various different parts of New York, most notably in Central Park, where the 7.0-inch snow total broke the record of 6.0 inches that was set in 2001.

Thirteen states were issued winter storm watches and warnings with Cape Cod, Mass., earning a blizzard warning. But snow totals haven't been the only thing residents must worry about: The temperature is expected to take a drastic plunge. The wind-chill in New York might drop to 12 degrees below zero, meteorologist Jennifer Gray told CNN.

A state of emergency was called in New York, New Jersey and Delaware, with each state’s governor taking to Twitter to send a message to their respective residents. Read the messages below.

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