A scientist in Japan has developed a robotic mouth, which can sing and recreate the mechanics of speech. Professor Hideyuki Sawada of Kagawa University designed the robot to help the hearing impaired improve their speech.

The metal mouth was built with an air pump for lungs, eight vocal cords, and a silicon tongue. The robot can also listen to itself speak, analyzing how it could be more understandable.

Creepier than even the Human Centipede, the robot mouth has been taught to sing a song. In the below video, the robot sings Kagome Kagome, a Japanese nursery rhyme.

That strange, fleshy thing on top is its nose. Clearly this was added to trick humans into trusting the bot, which will surely use its big mouth to tell the machine overlords our secrets.

The plasticine nose actually is a model of the nasal cavity, used to show patients how the vocal chords interact with the wind pipe during speech.

The lyrics to Kagome Kagome are below. See if you can sing along.

Kagome Kagome, kago no naka no tori wa

Itsu itsu deyaru? Yoake no ban ni

Tsuru to kame to subetta.

Ushiro no shoumen daare?