Angry pro-gun Twitter users fired away at Jay Mohr on Wednesday, following a tweet in which the former “Saturday Night Live” cast member suggested that the “2nd amendment must go” in the wake of Monday’s bombings at the Boston Marathon finish line.

The uproar started with the following tweet, posted just hours after the deadly attack:  

Following a flood of complaints, including from one user who called Mohr’s tweet the “dumbest thing I’ve heard anyone say yet,” Mohr clarified the point he was trying to make, firing back at his critics in the process.

The 2nd Amendment lends itself to the CULTURE of violence we are living in. Stop blowing up my timeline w your gun/porn fetishes.

But by then the pandora’s box was already open, and within an hour of fielding angry responses from Twitter users calling him a “f--king idiot,” the former “Gary Unmarried” star seemed positively dumbfounded.

Newtown tragedy was gun violence. Where are u maniacs coming from. I'm just stating that its so sad we're getting used to watching it on tv

The dustup kicked into overdrive once conservative media outlets got hold of it, with Breitbart’s Christian Toto declaring that Mohr was calling “for a gun ban.” The Washington Times took a similar stance, while the Daily Caller took a more tempered approach, reporting that Mohr had “waded into the gun debate.”

Mohr’s publicist did not immediately respond to a request for comment. For the most part, however, the actor seemed to take the criticism in stride, even retweeting some of the more hateful comments aimed at him.

Almost two days after the bombings, Mohr is continuing to take heat, with critics calling him everything from a “communist” to a “douchebag.” Some even went below the belt and took shots at Mohr’s career.

Reaction to Mohr’s tweet is reminiscent of the impassioned Twitter response to Jim Carrey’s Funny or Die video “Cold Dead Hand,” which poked fun at Charlton Heston-esque gun zealotry. More than two weeks after the “Ace Ventura” actor posted the gun-control satire, gun-loving Twitter users are still taking him to task.

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