Following the announcement that gospel singer Thomas “TC” Clay was found dead over the weekend, singer Jazmine Sullivan shared a Facebook posting recalling her encounters with the man whom she admitted to not knowing well. Her posting, which recounted how Clay had consistently tried to date her despite her turning him down, was met with backlash from social media users who felt it was insensitive.

On Wednesday morning, Sullivan's response began trending on Twitter. In the lengthy post that has since been deleted, Sullivan said that she only knew Clay because of “accidentally” giving him her number and he contacted her on a regular basis for a year. The singer stated that she rarely entertained conversations with Clay who always showed her kindness and once brought her flowers.

“I don’t know TC very well. What I do know is I gave him my number accidentally thru a friend and he reached out consistently for a year. I think I replied maybe three times but that never stopped him from writing me. He was DETERMINED,” she wrote in her post.

Clay was found dead in a New York hotel room, according to reports. A man known as Pastor Nelson who was close to Clay described him as “an extremely bright star” who loved God. He insisted that although there have been rumors of a drug overdose, brain aneurysm and suicide, none of that has been confirmed.

While Clay is a relative unknown outside of gospel music fans, Sullivan was heavily criticized for her "eulogy."

“Jazmine Sullivan not wanting to be with dude, is fine. Cool, whatever. But to tell the world the details of u curving him, extremely wack,” wrote one Twitter user.

Below are a few Twitter reactions following Sullivan’s Facebook post about Clay.