Remember the recent ESPN "30 for 30" expose about athletes going bankrupt, fueled by, among other vices, vast overspending on ridiculous things they probably don’t need?

Quick guess but we’re suspecting Jazz Forward Al Jefferson didn’t get a chance to catch the special before he made the (questionable) decision to grab up a $23,000 bed, according to The Ball Don’t Lie Blog over at Yahoo Sports. 23k—you got that right.

As you’d expect, Jefferson’s new resting pad is … expansive, 10x12 feet to be exact. Listed at a generous 6’ 10" (we’re thinking more like 6’ 8"), Jefferson, or as he was affectionately known during his days on the Celtics, Big Al, has more than a few feet to spare length wise on his massive bed.

Now, this whole thing would be hush-hush and Big Al would be resting comfortably on his Rhode Island-sized bed if Jazz Guard and affable swingman Mo Williams could have kept his Twitter shut. Mo Will—and Al “austerity” Jefferson can thank him later for it—tweeted out a pic of himself sprawled out on the mattress creature.

At this point, Al’s purchase is creative at best and hideously prodigal at worst, but we’ll refrain our judgment if it turns out he bought the thing for Vince Young, Antoine Walker, and Latrell Sprewell to crash on.