JC Penney Revived: Five Lessons In Corporate Failure [SLIDE SHOW]

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  • Radio Shack Executives
    When the consumer electronics market began slipping out of Radio Shack's hands like a greased toad, the company switched to a totally new, ultra-hip name. Radical dude, until you consider their choice: "The Shack." Most people know where to fill their consumer electronics needs. Best Buy. Lesson: Skip naming yourself after a stoner's bungalow and increase store sizes and inventory. REUTERS
  • Arch Deluxe
    McDonald's got tired of its reputation as a low-grade food alternative, and decided in 1996 to introduce, "Arch Deluxe." The thinking was flawless, because who could argue against gourmet fast food burgers at a bargain? The stab at the more sophisticated end of the fast food market failed spectacularly, felled by the incredibly low-brow and high-flavored McRib. Lesson: You are what you are. Reuters
  • Coca Cola
    In a fit of pubescent angst, Coca Cola decided to ditch what is one of the world's most recognizable brands and flavors and introduced New Coke. The product was immediately derided by consumers in the face of an all-out media blitz, as vindictive Coca Cola drinkers felt like they were dumped for a new, hip generation key to winning the ongoing "Cola Wars." Lesson: Don't let your rebranding leave your steady customers behind. Reuters
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JC Penney made its first big splash on Wednesday in what will be a three-year effort to rebrand the 110-year-old department store chain with some distinctly 21st century initiatives.

Chief Executive Ron Johnson has said his ultimate goal is to make JC Penney America's favorite store. His initiatives include a new pricing structure, replacing cent figures with double zeros on all price tags and turning the store into a destination via a Town Square.

But makeovers can pay a hefty toll in the business world, and the past is strewn with good ideas gone sour. A change in direction does not always lead to success. Fortunately, some companies have the wherewithal to drop a bad idea soon enough to survive. Here are some corporate excursions gone horribly wrong.

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