Jenelle Evans is a mother of two and according to the “Teen Mom 2” star, that’s not going to change anytime soon. The MTV personality recently caused rumors to swirl online after tweeting that she felt ill after working out, leading some fans to assume she may be pregnant.

After Jenelle, 23, wrote that her work out on Dec. 1 made her feel like “throwing up,” fans responded asking if she was expecting. Instead of ignoring her fan’s inquiries, Jenelle faced the rumors head on. “No sweetheart,” she wrote to one fan. “It’s called a good workout. You should try it.”

While Jenelle may not be giving her two sons, Jace 6, and Kaiser, 1, a new little brother or sister, she has no complaints about her life. Just over two months after starting a relationship with David Eason, Jenelle revealed to her fans on Twitter Thursday morning that she’s in a good place. “Life is so great right now,” she wrote. “For the past 2 months everything has been so good makes me want to cry of happiness. Weird.”

Fans immediately responded to Jenelle, saying she may have finally found her prince after kissing “enough toads,” a seeming reference to Jenelle’s failed engagement with Kaiser’s father, Nathan Griffith. “Not weird,” wrote another supporter. “You have to go through the bad stuff to appreciate the good times.”

Jenelle later shared a video of her snugging with David on Instagram. In the video Jenelle can be seen smiling as David whispers in her ear and Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams” plays in the background. “You so silly,” she captioned the clip.

Luckily for Jenelle, David seems to be equally as enamored. "My girlfriend is hotter than yours,” he posted to Instagram last week. The shot showed Jenelle doing press for the upcoming season of “Teen Mom 2."