Jenna Renee Webb was named today's Lovely Lady Of The Day by Sports Illustrated. The fitness model says she wasn't always blessed with the petite figure she flaunts in the hot photos above.

Jenna Renee Webb, a Jacksonville, Fla., based fitness model, said during her high school days she gained 25 pounds in a year and was down in the dumps about her size when she weighed 135 pounds at 5-foot-5.

For my petit [sic] frame 135 pounds was in no way flattering, Jenna Renee Webb says on her website.

Jenna Renee Webb dropped the weight, but did so in an unhealthy way when she developed an eating disorder in 2007.

That led to her being hospitalized in 2008, when she weighed 98 pounds.

Coming to the realization that I was destroying my body, I knew that something had to be done, Webb said. There was no way I could let myself gain the weight back, it was not an option!

Webb said she was determined to change her lifestyle and started lifting weights and eating clean.

At first I will admit I was terrified of the 6 meals a day and eating every couple of hours, but after about two weeks I started to see positive changes in my body and I was hooked, Jenna Renee Webb said. If you asked me 3 years ago what I saw in my future, fitness model would be the last thing that came to mind. It's crazy how life's obstacles mold what holds your future.

Webb enjoys a successful fitness model career, landing in the pages of Muscle Magazine, Natural Muscle, Maximum Fitness, World Physique, Muscle Evolution and Inside Fitness.

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