Mr. Lincredible has done it again, leading the New York Knicks to a seventh straight victory against the Sacramento Kings. Lin had a career high 13 assists but only scored ten points (for a total of 146 in the last seven games) in Wednesday night's game.

Lin's uncharacteristic 10 points reflected the possibility that other teams are learning how to play against him, but also suggest that Lin simply chose to focus on passing over layups and jump-shots.

The Asian-American basketball superstar, who came from deep off the bench just a few weeks ago when no other point guards were available, scored less scored less than 20 points for the first time while starting, and sat out for the last 15 minutes once the Knicks had a healthy lead.

The victory brought the Knicks to an even 15 wins and 15 losses for the season, highlighting the dire situation the team was facing before Mr. Lincredible came to NY's rescue.

It's unbelievable right now. The camaraderie on this team is just ridiculous, said Lin, according to USA Today. You show up at the practice facility and there are smiles everywhere.

Ever since New York's All-Star forward Carmelo Anthony was taken out with a strained groin six games ago, the Knicks have effectively transformed into the Jeremy Lin show, as the Taiwanese player has led his team to win after win. Anthony has recovered and may return to play at Madison Square Garden on Friday night against the New Orleans Hornets. He has expressed excitement at playing alongside Lin.

Opening the game with a three pointer, Lin focused throughout the game on penetrating the Kings' defense before passing to an open teammate or lobbing the ball up for an alley oop.

Check out some of Lin's best plays below, and tune in on Friday night to watch the Linsanity continue.