Jeremy Renner, who plays Hawkeye in “Captain America: Civil War,” recently teased production artwork from the film on Twitter. In the black and white photo, he can be seen giving goofy expressions as he shows off the early artwork featuring Iron Man and Captain America. The text on the artwork reads, “Whose side are you on? 'Captain America: Civil War'; Here’s to a great shoot! From your Marvel family.”


“Captain America: Civil War” is being shot in metro Atlanta. It will reportedly feature two groups of Avengers, headed by Captain America (Chris Evans) and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.). Web speculation suggests that Hawkeye will be in a fix, whether to stay true to his S.H.I.E.L.D roots or to change sides. In the recent Marvel film, “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” he was shown leaving with Iron Man as Captain America and Black Widow decided to team up together to train new Avengers.

Renner’s Hawkeye will reportedly have an important role in the beginning of “Captain America: Civil War.” “They start shooting soon, yeah. I start toward the beginning of it. That’s going to be a giant movie, 'Civil War,' man,” Renner told Uproxx.

He also said he is happy working with the band of the actors, as he is not craving a Hawkeye solo movie. "I’m happy to be the ensemble. I’m not scratching or clawing to do a solo movie by any means. I think [Hawkeye]’s a utility guy that can bounce around into other people’s universes a little bit, especially like 'Cap 3',” he told MTV.

Other cast members include Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Paul Bettany, Don Cheadle, Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Rudd. Anthony Russo and Joe Russo have directed the film and Kevin Feige has produced it. It will open May 6, 2016, in 3D and Imax 3D.