Jessica Canseco has turned being the ex-wife of an athlete into a career.

The ex-wife of former baseball player Jose Canseco is starring in VH1's new reality show, Hollywood Exes. The series debuted on June 25, and is expected to air for 10 episodes.

Canseco is joined by four other famous exes on the reality television show. The former wives of Prince, R. Kelly, Will Smith and Eddie Murphy are all part of the show. The series shows how the five woman are starting their own careers after no longer being with their famous husbands

Canseco's husband was known for being a great MLB player, but is probably more synonymous for his post-baseball career.

In 2005, Canseco admitted to using steroids during his career, and claimed that most of his fellow teammates and opponents had also cheated. He wrote Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant 'Roids, Smash Hits & How Baseball Got Big, which detailed his own steroid use. It also targeted specific players who Canseco said knowingly used performance-enhancing drugs.

Jessica was married to Jose for three years. She also wrote her own book, and published it the same year as Jose's.

She married plastic surgeon Garth Fisher in 2007, but the two divorced last year.

Below are some pictures of Jessica Canseco: