Jessica Dorrell was put on paid leave by the University of Arkansas today while they investigate the circumstances surrounding her hiring and her relationship with former Razorback football coach Bobby Petrino.

In a letter sent to her by Arkansas Athletic Director Jeff Long when she was offered the job Long said, you should be aware that you will be held accountable for and must abide by University of Arkansas, Southeastern Conference and NCAA rules and regulations.

That letter also made mention of the fact that she was expected to show integrity and to comply with the school's conflict of interest policies.

Long has said that Petrino gave Dorrell $20,000 as a gift before she was hired to his staff as the student athlete development coordinator for the football team.

Dorrell was selected for the job from a pool of more than 150 applicants and she is paid $55,735 per year in salary for the position.

Long has said that Dorrell and Patrino had been in a relationship for a significant amount of time. They exchanged 4,300 text messages and 300 phone calls over a six month period from September, 2011 through early April, 2012.

Their relationship came to light when the pair was traveling on Petrino's motorcycle when he lost control of the bike and crashed into a ditch along the side of a highway. Petrino initially said he was alone on his motorcycle, but the police report mentioned Dorrell as a passenger.

Dorrell has retained a lawyer and could potentially look into suing her employer. According to the universities sexual harrassment rules, consensual sexual relationships between a supervisor and employee can be considered sexual harrassment.