“Marvel’s Jessica Jones” revealed plenty of surprises Saturday at New York Comic Con, and one of those shockers was the reveal that Carrie-Anne Moss would play Jeryn Hogarth. The news caught many fans off guard since Jeryn is a man in the comics.

“Jessica Jones” is Marvel’s next Netflix venture. The series will focus on the titular character (Krysten Ritter) as she leaves behind her superhero life and becomes a private investigator. Jeryn, an attorney, hires her in the first episode. Fans who attended NYCC and were lucky enough to get into the panel saw Jeryn and Jessica when the pilot episode was shown. The rest of us will have to wait until Nov. 20, but the actresses teased their relationship during interviews.

Viewers shouldn’t expect Jeryn and Jessica to start drinking cosmos and trading clothes. They're not very close. “They’re not friends, but they need each other,” Moss told Entertainment Weekly. “They come to each other in these scenes, and there’s a lot of back and forth and bad flirtation at times in life. They’re funny together and can’t stand each other. It’s interesting.”

Ritter agreed that their relationship is certainly different than those of most females on TV. “It’s by far the most complex and interesting and special friendship between two women that I’ve seen in a movie or television,” Ritter said. “We’re there for each other in ways that we don’t see, but we’re never talking about a dude or an outfit. It’s a really pure bond.”

Deadline reports that Jeryn is gay, making her one of the few LGBT characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Similarly, “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” introduced its first gay character last month with Joey (Juan Pablo Raba), but the MCU is still lacking in LGBT characters. However, this isn’t a major shock to fans. Avid followers knew that Moss’ character could potentially be a lesbian after set photos surfaced online that showed her looking quite close with Rachel Taylor’s character, Trish.


Marvel audiences should expect Jeryn to stick around for a while. The character has ties to the upcoming Netflix series “Iron Fist.” She worked for Wendell Rand, Danny Rand/Iron Fist’s father. With Luke Cage (Mike Colter) already on the show, it seems like Marvel is planting the seeds for their next two series.

“Jessica Jones” is the second of four planned Marvel TV shows on Netflix. “Daredevil” was the first, and “Luke Cage” and “Iron Fist” are on the way. Eventually, all four heroes will team up for a miniseries called “The Defenders.”

“Marvel’s Jessica Jones” debuts on Netflix Nov. 20.