The CEO of JetBlue, Dave Barger, said on Wednesday that the company will investigate the incident on Tuesday where a Las Vegas-bound JetBlue Flight 191 was diverted in an emergency landing to Amarillo, Texas because the pilot, Captain Clayton Osbon, had a meltdown while in the air caught on video by passengers. 

According to Reuters, Barger said he personally knows Osbon and there were not earlier signs of erratic behavior before the incident on Tuesday, attributing the incident to a medical situation that turned into a security issue.

I've known the captain personally for a long period of time and there's been no indication of this at all, Barger said told Reuters, calling Osbon a consummate professional.

Barger said Osbon is in the hands of medical care, obviously, under the custody of the FBI.

Passengers reported Captain Osbon was behaving oddly, talking to passengers on the flight in a rant about Iran and Israel before being locked out of the cockpit.

He started screaming about al-Qaida and possibly a bomb on the plane and Iraq and Iran and about how we were all going down, passenger Gabriel Schonzeit told the Amarillo Globe-News. A group of us just jumped up instinctually and grabbed him and put him to the ground.

Osbon reportedly began banging on the cockpit door about two hours into the flight from New York, demanding entry.

They're going to take us down! Osbon said, the Associated Press reported.

According to The AP, four men tackled the pilot and tied him with makeshift handcuff made from seat belt extenders for the 20 minutes it took for co-pilots to land the flight in Texas.

Clearly, he had an emotional or mental type of breakdown, security executive Tony Antolino told The AP. He became almost delusional.

The Federal Aviation Administration issued a statement, calling the incident an onboard medical emergency, prompting the emergency diversion when the captain exhibited erratic behavior during the flight.

The captain had exited the cockpit during the flight, after which the co-pilot locked the door, the statement said. When the captain attempted to enter the locked cockpit, he was subdued by passengers.

JetBlue said Osbon was taken to a hospital where he was treated for a medical situation.

View the video below of the incident.