Fashion designer Jil Sander wants you to brown bag your lunch in style after creating a $290 paper bag that's soon to hit stores.

As noted by The Daily Mail, the $290 paper bag costs as much as "50 ham and cheddar sandwiches."

The $290 price tag is the price for the lower model of Jill Sander's creation, made out of coated paper and containing metallic vents. Expect to fork up $630 for a black leather iteration of the bag, the New York Post reported.

While most would consider the $290 paper bag excessive, the black version got a raving review from W magazine.

"Call it turning a necessity into an indulgence: Jil Sander has taken the humble lunch bag and rendered it in leather, rolling out the edges and giving it a chic, folded-down makeover with a magnetic clasp," W's Charles Ellis wrote. "The design does two very interesting things: It doesn't venture far from the original, and it's perfectly in sync with the fashion house's minimalist roots. Forget recycling-this bag is a keeper."

Fashion website disagreed, calling the $290 paper bag a "glorified lunch sack.

"Sure, it may be a brown paper bag with stitched seams on each side, a couple of gold-colored metal eyelets, and 'Jil Sander' stamped in barely perceptible type at its base, but it's a brown paper bag nonetheless," wrote the website's Jasmin Malik Chua.

Although the paper bag has been widely reported to be $290, Barney's is offering a $30 discount on the accessory. The bag is priced at $260 on the retailer's website.

Sander's eyebrow-raising creation is not the only such product in her collection, the Daily Mail noted.

The designer sold a $150 "acetate carrier" (described as "glorified plastic" by the tabloid) to be used for grocery shopping.