“19 Kids and Counting” star Jill Duggar is celebrating her first Mother’s Day as a mom. The 23-year-old gave birth to baby Israel on April 6 after 70 hours of labor and will celebrate her first month of parenthood on the national holiday. However, she revealed that she might not see her own mom.

Jill, who married Derick Dillard, planned to spend the day at church and with her husband’s family. However, she wasn’t sure if she’d get to see her own mother, Michelle Duggar.

“I'm sure it will be fun,” Jill told People. “First, Israel will be dedicated at our church, which is just an outward statement where we say we want to raise our child to love God and the church supports us in that. Then, we'll spend time with Derick's mom and his family and we may get to see my family, too.”

Even if Jill doesn’t get to see her own mother, it isn’t as if Michelle has a lack of loving children. She told People last week that while, her son Josh and his wife Anna would be at home in Washington, D.C., she expected to spend the day with many of her other children. Michelle, 48, revealed that she sits back and lets the kids plan the day for her. “I don't have to do any cooking, that's fun,” Michelle said. “I don't have to plan or think about meals or anything like that. I get really spoiled.”

Just in case Jill doesn’t make it to her mother’s house, she posted a special Mother’s Day video message for Michelle on her blog. “So grateful to God for you as my mother, and you are just a godly example of what a mother should be like,” Jill said. “And I hope to be like you!”

Watch Jill’s video below:

Jill’s husband, Derick, 26, revealed on their blog that spending time with his mother this year was especially important because he didn’t think she’d be around for Mother’s Day. His mother had stage IV cancer and was going through chemotherapy treatments during Mother’s Day 2014. “My mom’s story of battle and triumph over cancer is nothing short of a miracle,” he wrote.

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