“19 Kids and Counting” may be off the air with no return date in sight, but that isn’t stopping Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar from posting videos about their expansive brood online. In honor of their daughter Jill and her husband Derick Dillard’s move overseas earlier this week, the pair posted a video (similar to the style of their TLC series) of the family saying goodbye to the married couple and their 3-month-old son, Israel David, on Monday.

In the video “Goodbye to Jill and Derick,” which was posted unlisted to the family’s YouTube page, Jim Bob and Michelle can be seen joining Jill, 24, and Derick, 26, in a prayer with several of their other children. Jim Bob leads the prayer, asking God to protect the young family on their move overseas for missionary work.

“Jill and Derick we are so excited about you guys going overseas to be missionaries. And I know this is something that’s been in both of yall’s heart for years. The Lord brought ya’ll together for this special time,” Jim Bob says in the video. “We’re gonna miss ya’ll. We’re gonna miss baby Israel, but we know that this is God’s plan for your life.”

After engaging in the devotional, Jill and Derick hug each of their family members, some getting more teary-eyed than others. When Jill notices her longtime “buddy,” sister Joy-Anna Duggar, 17, is visibly upset, she gives her a long embrace.

“We prayed and we cried but we are so pleased they have taken this step devoting themselves to serving Christ in a special way,” Michelle said in a statement in her family's newsletter Monday. 

Jill and Derick announced they were heading overseas for missionary work last month. They were spotted by fans at a local airport with bags in tow on Monday. In a Dillard family blog post, Derick explained their reason for their move, saying that they wanted to serve longer than a “typical short-term mission trip” and were recently given the opportunity to so do. While Derick wrote that the move out of Arkansas will “change the trajectory” of their lives, he said the felt it was their “best option.” 

“We look forward to this adventure and the joy of serving Him in a new way,” he wrote. “We wanted to share this with you and ask for your prayers as our family makes this transition.”

While Jill and Derick will be gone for several months, Jim Bob and Michelle revealed in their video they plan to visit the family of three. The couple’s destination is not being shared for safety reasons, but rumor has it they’re either serving in El Salvador or Nepal.