An actor as veteran and mature like Jim Carrey confessing his love to a budding actress Emma Stone, it might certainly seem creepy to many. In a recent video, Carrey not only confessed his insane love to Emma, but also expressed his wish to have babies with her. But all was meant for good fun, according to Carrey's representative.

It's a comical love letter, the representative said.

I just wanted to let you know that I think you're all the way beautiful. Not just pretty, but, you know, smart and kindhearted. And if I were a lot younger, I would marry you, and we would have chubby little freckled faced kids. We'd laugh all day long and go camping and play Yahtzee and tell ghost stories by the fire. And the sex?, says Carrey in the 'love note' video to the actress posted on his website.

The 22-year-old The Help star didn't seem to be able to quite decide on the right reaction to the video and rather seemed a little apprehensive about the whole scene. She posted a message on her YouTube page wondering if she should be very flattered or seriously worried about the video and Carrey's comments.

Everyday for the rest of your life, you would thank God that I was the appropriate age for you. But I'm not. I'm 49. I have lines on my face, sometimes a little grey in my beard, and it takes me a little longer to pee than it used to. Those are the only discernable signs of aging that I can find so far. the Rubberface actor said in the 'love note' to Stone.

Carrey wished Emma success, love and contentment.

He later tweeted, Yes, my msg to Emma Stone was a comedy routine and the funniest part is that everything i said is tru.

It's another way Jim shows he can be very weird. It's that kind of wacky, strange behavior that eventually led Jenny McCarthy to call it quits with him. ... Jim is terrific and a brilliant comic. But there are times when he can be really odd, the quoted an unnamed source as saying.

Check out the video below...