Legendary WWE announcer Jim Ross suffered from “stroke-like symptoms” before his hospitalization last Thursday, according to a report.

On Thursday night, the 62-year-old revealed on Twitter that he was “not feeling well” after a trip to Las Vegas. Ross entered a local hospital in Oklahoma at the insistence of his wife.

Ross remained at the hospital over the weekend for precautionary tests and observation. “Bumper to bumper medicals,” he wrote on Twitter on June 6. “2 MRI’s, blood drawn 4X, echocardiogram, neck artery scan….all today. Awakened every 2 hours since last nite.”

Eventually, doctors determined that his “stroke-like symptoms” were caused by medication he was taking for a separate medical issue, TMZ reports. They also determined that Ross had suffered an undiagnosed stroke at some point in the past. However, the ailment was minor in nature, the website notes.

Doctors have reportedly changed Ross’ medication to prevent his symptoms from returning. He was released from the hospital on Saturday, June 7. “I’m not ready to tag out just yet,” Ross told TMZ.

Ross also thanked his fans for their concern regarding his health. “Home sweet home…your well wishes greatly appreciated,” he said.