With Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s announcement Wednesday that he was dropping out of the Republican primary race, Donald Trump effectively won the GOP nomination and took another step toward taking over the White House from President Barack Obama. So it makes sense that Trump and Obama would have a chat, right?

Comedian Jimmy Fallon brought back his famous Trump impression on Wednesday’s episode of NBC’s “The Tonight Show” to imagine how the candidate might have reacted to securing the nomination. In the sketch, Fallon’s Trump calls up a parody-Obama, played by Dion Flynn, to discuss the election cycle and Trump’s plans for the presidency. 

“Did you see the news? I’m now the Republican president,” said Fallon’s Trump. “And come November, I’m going to be voted Captain America,” adding, “I love Indiana, the birthplace of Indiana Jones.”

The parody Trump, who congratulated Flynn’s Obama for getting in contact with him despite Trump being the one who called, was already looking toward the general election.

“Now that Ted Cruz dropped out, there’s only one man standing in my way,” Fallon’s Trump asserted.

“You mean John Kasich?” the faux Obama replied.

“No, Hillary,” quipped the mock Trump.

The pair also made time to talk about “Game of Thrones,” Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who remains in the Democratic race. 

“What is it with that guy? You can’t get rid of him. He’s like glitter,” Flynn’s Obama said. “You think he’s gone, and then four days later you’re like, ‘What the hell are you still doing there?’ ”

After his win in the Indiana primary, Trump was leading in the delegate count with 1,047 delegates. Cruz, who had 565 delegates, and Kasich, who had 153, both dropped out this week, making Trump the presumptive GOP nominee.