Former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno will be laid to rest on Wednesday, during a private funeral and burial service. The funeral will follow a visitation held between 8 a.m. and noon that day at the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center on the Penn State University Campus.

Thousands of mourner, which included Penn State students, alumni, players and others have already turned out for a public viewing on Tuesday. Reports are that Paterno's casket was closed and covered with roses with a black-and-white photograph of the former head coach nearby.

Tuesday's viewing was the beginning of three days of ceremonies that are planned in order to celebrate the life of the beloved coach who died on Sunday, from complications from his battle with lung cancer. Paterno had a 61-year career with the Nittany Lions. But his clean reputation was dirtied and came to a sudden end in November when he was fired from his coaching job. Penn State board of turstees decided to fire Paterno, who said he was retiring at the end of the season, because of the child sex abuse allegation that surfaced last year, regarding former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky.

Reports are that Paterno was made aware of one of the child sex abuse incident and waited a day before alerting university officials. Moreover, the complaint was reportedly not made known to police outside the campus. Questions started to surface as to whether Paterno could have done more.