Joe the Plumber, who gained a bit of notoriety during the 2008 presidential campaign, has filed papers to run for Congress in Ohio, Politico reported.

Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher was thrown into the spotlight when he managed to get then-candidate Barack Obama to admit his tax plan was to spread the wealth around, by allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire for those making $250,000 or more. This admission was much to the glee of GOP nominee John McCain, who pounced on the moment to highlight his differences with Obama's tax policy.

Wurzelbacher, then an employee of a plumbing contractor, talked to Obama when he met with residents in Holland, Ohio. Wurzelbacher suggested that Obama's tax plan would result in higher taxes for him.

Wurzelbacher, who has filed to run as a Republican, submitted a statement of candidacy for Ohio's 9th Congressional District. He will be fighting for a seat that will pit Democrats Dennis Kucinich and Marcy Kaptur in the primary.

The filing for Joe for Congress 2012 campaign committee also filed a statement of organization Thursday, using Wurzelbacher's home address as the committee's address. As of Monday afternoon, the actual scanned documents were not viewable.