Out of all the people Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) had to contend with in “House of Cards,” it seems like Will Conway (Joel Kinnaman) has been the most intimidating.

Conway is a well-liked politician who seems to have the perfect life. But behind the scenes, he is just as ruthless and manipulative as Underwood.

Kinnaman will be back to reprise his role next season, and he even teased that bad things are in store for all the characters.

On his Twitter account (@joelkinnaman), the actor posted a photo of the "House of Cards" Season 5, episode 3 script written by John Mankiewicz and directed by Alik Sakharov.

“Shit is about to go down... #houseofcards #conway2016,” he captioned the photo.

Kinnaman earlier told the Wall Street Journal that he was drawn to the role of Conway because he wanted to get under the skin of Underwood, who likes to be constantly in control of things.

“It was an opponent he hadn’t faced before. Someone who was formidable, but a different kind of threat. But in many ways, I think they’re two sides of the same coin. They have a real ruthlessness to them. You get the feeling that they will do anything to get the power they are after,” he said.

Kinnaman has nothing but respect for Spacey and the rest of the people working on the show. He described Spacey as a “smooth” actor and a “stone-cold killer” on the set because he is very attuned to his character.

“He's such an amazing actor and this character is something he completely embodies. It was like a sparring match and I think we both really enjoyed ourselves in that,” Kinnaman told The Hollywood Reporter.

Other stars of the show include Robin Wright and Michael Kelly.