John Edwards will likely be indicted today on criminal charges stemming from misuse of campaign funds, multiple news outlets are reporting this morning, citing people with knowledge of the investigation.

Once considered a frontrunner to be the Democratic candidate for president, Edwards tumbled into disgrace after he was found to be having an affair while his wife was dying of cancer. He has been the target of a nearly two year investigation into whether he used around $1 million in campaign funds to silence his lover and pay staffers to stay quiet.

Edwards' attorney Greg Craig is reportedly planning to meet with prosecutors in North Carolina today. What happens next is unclear -- when it first became evident that Edwards was likely to be charged Craig categorically denied any wrongdoing, writing that the government's theory is wrong on the facts and wrong on the law.

Should Edwards be formally charged and accept a plea deal, he would lose his license to practice law. Before going into politics he had risen to prominence as a successful trial lawyer.