John Goodman, the 48-year-old Florida millionaire polo mogul, was found guilty of DUI manslaughter and vehicular homicide on Friday.

Reports are that the Palm Beach County jury reached its verdict after more than five hours of deliberation. Closing arguments were heard on Thursday, CNN reported, and a sentencing hearing is set for April 30.

Goodman is facing between 11 and 30 years in prison. He was charged two years ago in the death of Scott Wilson, 23.

Authorities said that Goodman ignored a stop sign and crashed his Bentley into Wilson's car. The impact caused Wilson's car to roll into a canal, killing him, police said.

Police also said that Goodman left the scene of the accident and did not call 911 until about an hour after the fact.

The Associated Press reported that the blood alcohol levels of the International Polo Club owner was .177, which is more than double the legal limit.

Reports are that the defense plans to appeal the verdict.

It is our belief that multiple errors were committed during and before the trial that, in effect, denied our client's ability to get a fair trial, defense lawyer Roy Black told the AP. We intend to file an appeal so that our client can receive the just and fair proceeding to which he is entitled by law.

However, State Attorney Peter Antonacci has told the media that the jury in Goodman's case exercised sound judgment in its analysis of the factual and expert evidence in this trial.