John Gotti Jr. was treated for a stab wound to his stomach that he claimed he suffered while trying to break up a fight Sunday night in a CVS parking lot on Long Island.

Gotti, a former Gambino crime family boss and the son of late Gambino boss John “Dapper Don” Gotti, is not cooperating with authorities in their investigation, the New York Daily News reported Monday. But the Nassau County district attorney’s office is looking into the alleged incident, and authorities are looking to seize surveillance camera footage of the parking lot. Employees of the CVS are also being sought, according to the New York Post.

"The Nassau County district attorney's [office] can confirm they are investigating, in conjunction with Nassau County Police, an alleged stabbing of John 'Junior' Gotti," a Nassau County DA spokesman told ABC News.

Gotti said two strangers were fighting in the lot when he stepped in to break it up and was stabbed in the stomach. He took himself to a Long Island hospital to be treated for his stab wound.

“He’s being very uncooperative,” a source told ABC News. “He says these guys were fighting and he jumps in as this big savior and he gets stabbed in the stomach.”

Another confidential source told the New York Post, ““He didn’t say anything to us, so there was really no lead to track down at that point.”

Some police sources aren’t buying Gotti’s story.

“It’s hard to believe he would break up a fight between two strangers,” one source told the Daily News.

Gotti shared his father’s “Teflon Don” reputation after the 49-year-old was never successfully prosecutor for alleged mob crimes from 2004 to 2009. Four trials during that span ended in mistrials. The elder Gotti earned the nickname after being acquitted of racketeering charges in 1987 and assault charges in 1989.

Gotti’s attorney, Charles Carnesi, said he’s yet to speak to his client.

“I expect him to return my call at some point,” he told The Post. “I don’t know what happened because I haven’t spoken to him.”

At his last racketeering trial, Gotti claimed he left the mob in 1999 after a 1998 conviction. Federal prosecutors said they would no longer pursue charges against Gotti for the crimes he allegedly committed after his third mistrial.