Take heart folks, Jon Bon Jovi, singer, musician, songwriter and actor is still alive.

On Monday evening, a false internet rumor claiming that Bon Jovi was dead was widely circulated online. However, the rock star squashed the death rumors by uploading a new photo of himself on the band's official Facebook page.


Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey -jbj. Rest assured that Jon is alive and well! This photo was just taken.

Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey, he wrote on a sheet of paper dated Dec. 19, 2011, and held it up in the photo. In the background is a lavishly ornamented Christmas tree.

A dailynewbloginternational Web site posted a fake press release claiming that the star was dead.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the fake press release from the Web site “appears to have copied the newspaper's 2009 story on the death of Michael Jackson.

The story is the same except for some altered words and details reporting Bon Jovi's death in New Jersey during a world tour, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Bon Jovi is not only alive, his band and its top-grossing tours are also touching new heights.

The rumor of Bon Jovi's death has made him a top trending topic on Twitter and Facebook, but the singer quickly went on Facebook to assure his fans that he was well and alive.

Along with the photo on Facebook, he also wrote a message saying, Rest assured that Jon is alive and well! This photo was just taken.