Josh Duggar has found himself in hot water once again as Danica Dillon, the adult film actress who claimed to have had a sexual relationship with the reality star, seeks legal action against him. In September, Dillon said he was incredibly violent during their sexual encounters and frightened her. Now, she's taken her complaints against the former "19 Kids and Counting" star to court and is seeking a serious payout.

According to TMZ, Dillon, 28, has filed a lawsuit against Duggar, 27. In the documents, which the site was able to obtain copies of, she claims he "manhandled" her. She states he attempted to apologize for being so physical one month later inside a strip club, but assaulted her once more when they were alone together later that evening. Dillon is saying that she suffered emotional and physical damage from the encounters and has been seeing a psychiatrist in order to cope. She is suing for more than $500,000 in damages. 

Dillon first spoke out about her alleged volatile sexual encounters with Duggar on Sept. 3. She revealed to Entertainment Tonight that the married father of four sought her out at a strip club in Philadelphia where she was performing in March. She claimed she was unaware of who he was when he initially approached her. Dillon said he looked "like your average, everyday fan." It wasn't until he continued to approach her and making strange comments that she became concerned. She said he offered her $1,500 to have sex in her hotel room. She accepted, but said the encounter was uncomfortable. Dillon claimed she attempted to ease into things, being "sexy and seductive," but Duggar asked her to "'get straight to the point.'" She said he was "very rough" the whole time and that, while it was initially consensual, she felt as though she "was being raped."

Duggar checked into rehab in August after being exposed in the Ashley Madison hack. The information leak revealed that the former "19 Kids and Counting" star had not one, but two accounts on the cheating site, which he paid $986.76 for. He admitted to having been unfaithful to wife Anna Duggar, blaming his digression on an addiction to pornography.