JPMorgan Chase's investment bank is planning a push to win more business outside the United States by building on the group's financial ties with overseas companies, its head Jes Staley told the Financial Times.

We are not planning any dramatic changes but we want to further harness the power of of the international franchise, Staley told the newspaper in its Thursday edition.

Staley has told associates he is reluctant to revolutionise the tactics that helped the bank avoid the worst of the financial crisis, the paper said.

But he told the FT he wanted to deepen the securities business's relationship with overseas companies by using JPMorgan's global network of business clients.

JPMorgan's reach in international markets is unparalleled an this is going to be a key strength in an increasingly globalised world, he said.

Staley, formerly head of JPMorgan's asset management business, was picked to lead the company's securities unit in a surprise reshuffle on Tuesday, the FT said.

(Reporting by Jan Harvey; Editing by Ron Popeski)