Justin Bieber has released two cover arts for his next single Boyfriend and has requested his fans to choose the official artwork.

Which one did you choose? Bieber has asked his Twitter followers.

The messages on the official Web site reads Choose your favorite cover for Boyfriend. Tweet your favourite cover art. The cover with the most tweets wins.

The two photos show Bieber wearing a gray unbuttoned checkered shirt over a gray T-shirt. But his pose is different in both photos. One of the photos shows Bieber looking away from camera while the other photo shows him running his hand through his hair and looking into the camera.

Boyfriend is expected to be released March 26.

You can't really expect anything from my album. It's really, really different, Bieber told MTV News. And it's new; it's not the same thing everyone's used to hearing right now on the radio. It's really exciting for me, 'cause I'm able to break out of my shell and show my fans what I'm all about and show other people who might not like my music that maybe they can like my music.

I'm not trying to lose any of my young fans, he said.

I'm not trying to lose any of my fans, I'm just trying to gain fans, and I think that's the best way to do it. Rather than try to grow up and lose your fans, you can get better and evolve and gain respect from more people, he added.

Bieber recently posted a video on Twitter featuring him and The Voice judge talking about their new upcoming project.