Justin Bieber is in hot water after video surfaced of him apparently urinating in a restaurant’s mop bucket during a recent trip to New York City.

In the video, obtained by TMZ, Bieber’s friends joke that the restaurant should be honored the 19-year-old pop-star chose to urinate in a mop bucket.

“That’s the coolest spot to piss,” one friend says. “You know, you’ll forever remember that.”

While that would seem to be enough antics for one night, the group proceed up the stairs yelling “wild kidz.” Then, Bieber, who may or may not have known that he was being taped, grabs a spray gun filled with cleaning liquid and sprays a photo of Bill Clinton on the wall.

“F*ck Bill Clinton!” Bieber yells, before heading back into the bar with his friends.

It’s unclear if Bieber and his entourage were under the influence of alcohol.

In related news, the Internet is firing back at the “Heartbreaker” singer after a photo of him posing with the NHL Stanley Cup surfaced.

Bieber was in Chicago on Tuesday for a stop on his “Believe” tour, when he posed with the cup, which was won by the Chicago Blackhawks in June. As soon as the picture surfaced, hardcore hockey fans took to Twitter to share their rage.