Teen sensation Justin Bieber on Friday has spoken out publicly for the first time, denying allegations that he has fathered a lovechild with a fan. Bieber said he has never met the woman.

(I've) never met the woman... I'd just like to say, basically, that none of those allegations are true, Bieber told Today show host Matt Lauer.  I know that I'm going to be a target, but I'm never going to be a victim. It's crazy, because every night after the show I've gone right from the stage right to my car. So it's crazy that some people want to make up such false allegations.

Mariah Yeater, a 20-year-old woman in San Diego has filed a paternity lawsuit against Bieber. She claimed that she became pregnant with her son Tristyn (now three months old) and Bieber is the father of the baby.

The allegation has shocked the pop singer. He said in the Today show, To set the record straight, none of it is true.
Besides a clarification of the rumors, Bieber's appearance in the show was obviously also timed for his Christmas album Under the Mistletoe. It's hard to record a Christmas album in September, Bieber said. As the singer briefly chatted with the NBC host, hundreds of fans responded with earsplitting scream.

Meanwhile, Mariah Yeater's lawyer said his client is looking for adequate child support if a paternity test determines Bieber is the father. 

 The young mother also faces a bench trial on Dec. 12.According to the police, Yeater slapped her 18-year-old ex-boyfriend on Dec. 21, 2010 and was charged a misdemeanor battery that could get her six months in jail and a $1,000 fine. The woman, who attended high school in Las Vegas, has pleaded not guilty in that case. The incident happened when the two were arguing about a window broken on the car of his new girlfriend.