Millions of girls swoon at the sight of our favorite teen star of the hour, but not many care to buy a magazine he is featured in. Justin Bieber was recently on the cover of Vanity Fair in their February issue.  However, according to Woman's Wear Daily, that issue sold almost 100,000 copies less than Vanity's Fair average per issue, making it the worst sell the magazine has had in twelve years.

Unfortunately, the young star has shared a similar fate with other magazines. An issue of People with Bieber on the cover sold 25% below the magazine's average sales figures. Teen Vogue suffered 12% fewer sales with Bieber last fall.

Perhaps it is a generational thing. Bieber fans don't read magazine articles. But they sing along to his videos on YouTube, buy his music on iTunes, talk about him on Twitter, and... wear his perfume. Maybe he can't sell a magazine, but reporters expect his new fragrance for women to be very successful.

So, maybe Justin Bieber is the hottest thing around. But, even mega-stars like him can't be good at everything.