Justin Bieber turns 18 and it seems just like yesterday that the 14-year-old Canadian boy was discovered and shot to fame with his yet-to-mature but wonderful teenage voice.

Today, he is the most famous teenage pop star on Earth!

Bieber met with success at a very early age via Youtube, and what followed next was only fame and popularity. But like many other celebrities, Bieber too got enmeshed in controversy.

He hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons in 2011 when 20-year-old Mariah Yeater accused him of fathering her baby during a 300-second backstage romp the year before. She went public demanding a paternity test, which Bieber readily agreed to, and then nothing was heard from her for sometime.

After savoring the limelight for a while, Yeater disappeared. But it seems she still has not stopped thinking about the teen heartthrob. On his 18th birthday, the baby's mother, for whom Bieber was the second choice daddy, tweeted wishing him a happy birthday.

Happy Birthday @justinbieber! #FinallyLegal, you know what that means ;) she wrote with a wink, and to be honest, only she knows what that means. Another tweet by her on his birthday said, Im back on Twitter. All you Beliebers can leave me alone, I have a new BF, @D_Swales is more of a man then Justin Bieber will ever be! :)

Though the teenager has not responded to the tweets, it seems to ambitious for Yeater to even expect a reply, after having dragged Bieber into all the negative publicity. Wonder what Selena Gomez has to say?