Toya Wright wasn't the only "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" star that was upset that K. Michelle was saying that Memphitz abused her when Memphitz and K. Michelle dated. After Rasheeda Buckner got wind of what K. Michelle said she confronted K. Michelle about the allegations and took to Twitter to vent her disapproval.

Toya Wright recently said that she wanted K. Michelle to keep Memphitz's name out of her mouth and that she thought K. Michelle was crazy during an interview with

"That's my husband. I don't know you, and I was not there when y'all had the altercation. True, but I'm going to be 100 percent supportive of my man. I don't know this abuser. I never met that guy. I don't know nothing about him abusing women or nothing," she said.

"He's a very loving person. He's very affectionate. Anyone who knows him for real, just be like, 'What is wrong with this girl?' The crazy part about it is that everyone said you crazy and that you hit him," Wright added.

In one of the latest episodes of "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta," Buckner, who is friends with Wright and Memphitz, essentially called K. Michelle a liar and began fighting back and forth via Twitter as a result.

K. Michelle first tweeted, "Some people like to straddle the fence, come 2ur events,cry,and pray witcha, but soon as the media gets 2them, they get scared. Take a stand."

She also posted, "This is my life not a high school musical. Ive kept it 1000 this far and will continue to, and don't care who likes it. Im not scared."

Rasheeda Buckner became infuriated over Twitter after she read K. Michelle's tweet about "Back Yard Burger" selling sloppy joes and drinking Jack Daniels Honey on a plane.

Buckner began her diatribe at K. Michelle with, "I see Jack Daniels wanna take shots! Like FR fuck u mad @ me 4, WHY does my opinion matter so much.U wanna down everybody but want sympathy"

Then she added, "Self respect is important 2 me..The minute u thought about f*ckin my friends man on the show u lost me then & there.!"

And also posted, "I neva met 1 person in da streets or the industry who has ever said NEthing nice about u.U have no man & no friends #urselfdestructing!"

Most people on Twitter just want to see Buckner and K. Michelle fist fight on the reunion show, but others are concerned with Buckner's involvement in K. Michelle and Wright's business.

@_lexilove, tweeted, "No one knows what happened but if K Michelle says she was abused then Rasheeda should be sensitive to her friend."

@AshA_LeeLee said, "Rasheeda cool, but it would have been better if u would have just stayed neutral. U can remain #loyal and be neutral at the same time."

@LovinMY_MORGHAN wrote, "K.Michelle not lying and Rasheeda know that, she just doesn't want to admit it to Toya! But I think she should release the evidence"

There isn't any proof that K. Michelle was abused by Memphitz, but it would be an odd thing for someone to make up about another person's husband out of nowhere.

Do you think Memphitz really abused K. Michelle when they were together?